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The Redcar Story

Hello, we are Steve & Emma, founders of Redcar Design & Marketing. We’ve been around since 2003 and we share a love of creativity, a love of engaging our customers and a true passion for building successful and harmonious business relationships.

Our growing team share our enthusiasm and positive approach to providing an exceptional service to our valued customers.

We believe the only way to this success is to be part of your team, not just the distant marketing company whom you only interact with from time to time (and aren’t really sure what they do), we want you to see us as a pivotal part of your business, providing collaborative ideas and sharing your vision for your business.

This approach leads to success and longevity for all.

How we go about our business

At Redcar Design, we love doing our homework to ensure any solutions we provide are based on facts, not assumptions. Our design, digital and marketing experience spans over 20 years in various capacities and we harness this to deliver the results required by our customers.

Our focus is around results from our actions – we fully understand that everything we do needs to work for you and position your business so that you get the right message, to the right people and compel those people to act.

We will help you to define a clear brand message. From this, we find a way to translate this into functional and persuasive design. What we do is no big secret, we use our 20+ years of design and marketing experience and skillfully create. Of course, what we do is about listening and understanding your vision and goals for your business. We’re about real design & marketing for the real world and we focus on what’s important to create success for your business.


Our People

Founders Steve and Emma both have 20 years experience in their discipline. Steve is a graphic designer who managed various design studios before setting up Redcar Design in 2003. Emma has worked on both sides of the fence when it comes to digital, from being the client to providing digital marketing and web design services, Emma’s experience in the digital world dates back to 1997.

Read more about the Redcar Design & Marketing team.

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