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Having done many eCommerce websites in the past, we were delighted to get our teeth stuck into another. This time something a bit different for a number of reasons. Firstly the site was not only dear friends of ours, but it was an eCommerce site using Shopify. Paul the owner of PreLoved Bags has been selling the stunning Chanel bags on eBay for a number of years, but told us how each sale carries large seller fees. So he wanted a website that looks slick, professional and can work across all devices.

Our recent work completed for PreLoved Bags
So, having taken the brief we started with the new logo which would not only be used on the site but all social media platforms. From there before anything was designed for the site we ensured everything was set-up currently with the payment gateways (WorldPay on this occasion) and that Shopify themselves were reassured that this part was done correctly.

So, working with a pre-designed Shopify theme we customised the layout and added our own graphics, photos and content. We then went through the site ensuring all images were optimised even down to how they are named to give us better results on search engines. So, the site is now live and we are rather pleased with how it looks. Why not visit www.prelovedbags.co.uk yourself to checkout not only the work we did but the beautiful bags available to purchase online today!